Universal Ammo Can Tray – JP54-031


Virtually anywhere a jerry can or Rotopax(r) container can be installed, the Universal Ammo Can Tray can be mounted – it’s a great way to increase the cargo/storage capacity of your Wrangler.  With its universal-mount design, the Universal Ammo Can Tray can be installed to any surface in the Jeep , including the floor or a roof rack, and many aftermarket accessories such as swing-away spare tire carriers. Having mounting provisions for either jerry can trays or Rotopax(r) mounts – the Universal Ammo Can Tray has matching bolt patterns for the Blitz/military jerry can tray and the Rotopax(r) mounting stud, so it can be mounted easily almost anywhere that has provisions for those mounting patterns.

Universal Ammo Can Tray Specifics:

  • Standard .50 cal.”
  • “Fat .50 Cal.” “Tall .50 Cal.”
  • Two .30 Cal.” cans will fit at the same time
  • Any other cargo of similar size such as a battery or small cooler


  • JP54-031 comes with:
    • Ammo can tray
    • Hardware
    • Instructions
    • Straps pictured with ammo can sold separately
    • Ammo Can Sold Separately


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