TrailVision Off-Road Jeep Camera System

Retrofit Offroad’s TrailVision system is designed specifically for Jeep and off-road use, with features not generally available in other camera systems. TrailVision has been thoroughly tested and proven in Moab and Colorado.

TrailVision Base Kit

TrailVision is available in two different categories of kits to fit the needs of different customers: 1) The Base/DIY System is the foundation of all TrailVision installations, allowing custom camera selection for enthusiasts who are looking to experiment. 2) For a proven all-in-one package, the Complete TrailVision System includes our off-road tested and proven cameras, camera mounts, and accessories. Features: • Quad View 7″ LCD Color Monitor supports up to four (4) cameras. • Monitor includes DVR capabilities and allows for quickly changing out standard SD Cards up to 32GB each. Record all of your off-road adventures! • Monitor even works well at night, with back-lit buttons and automatic screen dimming. • Advanced features simplify trail driving. “Triggers” let you switch cameras without taking your hands off the wheel. • Small, lightweight cameras are easy to mount with no drilling or zip-tying cameras in place. • Cameras are easily removable without having to uninstall most of the wiring. • Wiring is simple and integrates easily with the Jeep. No hacks required. • Several different styles of camera mounts are all designed for easy mounting. • Clear step-by-step documentation (40+ pages) empowers any Jeep owner to successfully install the entire system in an afternoon. Don’t have a spotter? Would you feel better knowing they’re not missing something? Are you constantly getting in and out of the Jeep to check clearance, tire placement, etc? Our TrailVision system is designed to give you the flexibility to capture any angle and viewpoint you desire. Especially important on those trips when you don’t have a good spotter, our TrailVision system has you covered. Eliminate blind spots with up to four (4) cameras placed strategically around your Jeep. And our Trigger system is a unique feature in our TrailVision System that enables you to easily switch from one camera to the next without having to move your hands from the steering wheel. Worried about installation? Our clear and informative installation and operations manual will put your mind at ease. This system can easily be installed in an afternoon. We provide step-by-step instructions for installing and wiring the system in a Jeep TJ Wrangler or JK Wrangler, and they are easily adapted to other vehicles.    

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TrailVision Accessories:

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